Student Colour Run Liverpool. Sunday 26th September 2021

*Note date change due to coronavirus.

We’re excited to announce Student Colour Run Liverpool 2021. Sunday 26th September

A happy, colourful, messy, 5K run in a unique campus setting.
For the students and student friendly people of Liverpool. Run (walk, jog or hop) a unique route, joining thousands of participants, get showered in coloured powder, get your cardio fix, make memories, make a mess, and make new friend.

Non-students are welcome!


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Our inaugural event in 2017 was an incredible success, followed by 2018 and 2019 sunny epics. This year we aim to be even bigger adding even more colour and music as we add amplified music to each colour throwing station! Sing and dance as you get covered in colour.

The run starts at 2pm. Please arrive around 1pm to get your colour, enjoy the colour throwing and join in the warm-up.

The rules are simple:

1 Wear your exclusive white Student Colour Run T-shirt (you get this with your race pack)

2 Finish the run plastered in colour.

3 Have an amazing time!


We combine the awesome atmosphere and energy of a student event with happiness, fitness, the feeling of wellbeing and unadulterated fun of a colour run.

Participants run (walk, skip or hop) a unique 5K campus route and get showered in coloured powder. Enjoy the big stage madness before the run with a colour fight and mass warm-up and continue the chaos at the finish line.